Gardening Tips

If you missed last month's latest news you can catch up here. Find out what is best for your yard as the seasons change.

2015 Spring Gardening Class Schedule

All of our gardening classes are FREE to the public.
Classes Start at 10:00 a.m.

No pre-registration is required for the class. Come a little early so that we can start on time. The classes are about 1 hour with question and answer period afterwards. If there is a lab it will follow right after the class and will last approximately ½ hour. There will be handouts, special coupons and discounts for those attending the class. Also bring a friend if you want.

March 2015

PRUNING & DORMANT SPRAY (Saturday, March 7th) How, when, and what to do with your fruit trees to get the most out of them.

TREE & SHRUB MAINTENANCE (Saturday, March 14th)How asn when to care for trees and shrubs. Pruning, watering, pest management, fertilizing. An all over guide for caring for our plants to make them last, and what damage winter has done.

PRUNING & GARDENING (Saturday, March 21st) Berries, fruit and vegetables. Basics on how to prune our berries and grapes. Ideas and tips for a successful vegetable garden. Watering and pest management to keep the critters off your plants.

LAWN & YARD RESTORATION(Saturday, March 28th) Techniques on watering and maintaining turf. How to improve your flower beds to give them a little extra by using compost, mulch, water conservation, & pruning.

April 2015

NO CLASS (Saturday, April 4th) No class scheduled for this day.

VEGETABLES IN THE GARDEN(Saturday, April 11th) Learn more about vegetables that you can plant in this area and when to plant. Pest management, the best and most effective ways to keep the bugs out. Learning how to garden in small areas and community gardens. Get hands on experience with prepping for planting and actual planting of seeds.

JUNIOR GARDENING CLASS (Saturday, April 18th) Bring the kiddos! We want to help out with the next generation. Kids need to be excited about growing food! Learn how to garden with your kids.

WEEK LONG EXTRAVAGANZA (April 20th - 26th) Enjoy the weeklong event by bringing in your patio pots or hanging baskets in any day, any time, for FREE* one on one assistance with planting your pots. If you don't have one, no problem, we have a wide selection and variety of planters to choose from.

* FREE assistance and knowledge. There is a cost for the plants and soil.


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